We've saved the equivalent of 13,000,000 plastic water bottles*
this season by using recycled polyester in 60% of our packs*

*Based on a 470ml plastic water bottle | *SuperBreak, SuperBreak Plus, Big Student, Hatchet, Big Campus, Half Pint, Fifth Avenue and Cross Town


By using 600 Denier Recycled Polyester it reduces our impact on climate change compared to virgin polyester.

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Incorporating energy efficiency and renewable energy sources into our supply chain helps reduce our carbon footprint.


All JanSport products are designed to be PVC-free.


By using 100% recycled materials in our hangtags, we avoid cutting down 740 trees annually.

Our Warranty

A key part of our sustainability efforts is grounded in the fact that we make products to last a lifetime. While on life's journey, if your JanSport product breaks down we believe in repairing it before replacing it. To find out more about our warranty and how to submit a warranty claim please click HERE.

When you look inside a JanSport backpack you see a story that started in 1967. Our journey has just begun, but we’re taking the steps necessary to ensure the future generations can experience and enjoy this brilliant blue planet we all call home.